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Aries Marine and Engineering Services


Tube Inspection Service in Oman

Aries Global Company LLC in the Sultanate of Oman provides a complete tube scrutiny service with our advanced Tube Inspection Techniques. We have bundled four scrutiny technologies into one unit. Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS), Eddy current, Remote Field   Testing (RFT), and Magnetic Flux Leakage Test (MFL). 

Our expert engineers will handle this service to fulfill the customer’s requirement. We have qualified man power certified in advanced NDT strategies, standard NDT strategies and conjoint combos of NDT with Rope Access qualification.

Aries Global in Oman provides Tube Inspection Services in Offshore, Onshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries covering products like Boilers, heat Exchangers, Engine, Condensers etc.