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Borescope Inspection Technique

Borescope Inspection Technique

Borescope Inspection Technique can be essentially called a manufacturer’s eyes.  Finding more and more applications in the field of nondestructive testing borescopes are a friendly tool of the mechanic to view internal structure of any object. This is possible by the camera attached at the end of boroscopic relay tube which may be rigid or flexible.

Borescope Inspection Technique are remote visual inspection tools which enables inspectors to examine places that are otherwise in accessible to the naked eye.

Borescope Inspection Technique are broadly classified into two.

  • Rigid Borescope Inspection

A non-bendable straight tube is used for the making of rigid borescopes with the camera attached at one end. These are usually cheap and hence widely desirable, according to the application of course. Despite restricted motion due to their rigid nature and inability to reach curved regions rigid boroscopes are still popular because of its ease of use and higher quality images.

  • Flexible Borescope Inspection

These kinds of borescopes are flexible as the name says. Made with a twistable tube that can reach curvy and difficult trenches and dents, the area of application is high for these boroscopes. The inspector can cover deeper areas and that too with subtle accuracy and precision.


Aries Marine & Engineering Service has been investigating in the efficient usage of boroscopic technique in industrial, marine and oil & gas sectors.