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Aries Marine and Engineering Services

Stock Verification Survey

  • Stock Verification Survey
  • Thermography Inspection
  • Lifting Inspection

Stock Verification Survey

Aries Marine Inspection division providing cost effective solution to all your Stock verification and or volume calculation on UREA silos, Alumina Silos, Coke silos. We have over 15 years of experience with modern technology using laser meter and 3D software. Some of the places we have carried out stock verification in Dubal, EMAL, OMIFCO, Sohar, etc.

Infrared Thermography Inspection:

Aries Marine inspection division providing “infrared thermography” survey is one of the most cost effective predictive maintenance techniques available in current industries for electrical panels/switch boards/Mechanical rotating elements etc.Without interruption of day to day operation.


Infrared thermography is a nondestructive testing method that detects the abnormal heat patterns from an object and enables the customer to reduce the downtime by preventive maintenance, increase the efficiency and save the time/money.



We Aries have over 10 years’ experience in thermography survey for marine industries, Hotels, Industrial clients and offshore drilling contractors. Some of the clients we served are Ensco, Emmar properties, Address hotels, Fleet ship managements Hong Kong etc.


Lifting Inspection

Aries Testing Lab is a fully independent third party inspection services registered and approved by the UAE Ministry of labor and Social Affairs, Jabal Ali Free zone and accredited by Lifting Equipment Engineers Association(LEEA).Aries Testing Lab is a ISO 9001:2008 DNV registered firm focusing a true impartial third party professional services for the calibration of lifting equipment’s and lifting accessories, Structural Integrity analysis of plant /lifting equipment’s as per the PUWER and LOLER Standards.